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Freeport Taxi Service

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Are you in Freeport, NY, and looking for a reliable taxi service? Look no further; Baldwin Taxi and Car Service is the best travel partner for you. We are a fast, convenient, safe, and quick transportation company. 

We understand the needs of the people of New York; that’s why we offer our services to you. You can call us at any time, whether you need to rush to the airport, go out, go shopping, have a meeting or any other occasion. 

Baldwin Taxi and Car Service have the latest models of vehicles, including; Black Chrysler 300 and Black Cadillac Sedan. The vehicles are clean and are fully equipped with exquisite features to suit your travel needs. You can relax and enjoy a smooth ride to your destination.

Freeport Airport Taxi Service

New York is a busy city; it is the center of all travel due to one of the busiest airports in the world. It can be challenging getting to the airport because of the traffic in the city and congestion.

Forget about the online cabs that take forever to order; you need a reliable taxi service familiar with your travel schedule. With Baldwin Taxi and Car Service, you don’t need to call one when you arrive at the airport. We have a team of experts that monitor the flight arrival and departure schedule. They then dispatch the vehicles at a convenient time to get you to the airport on time. 

Have you ever wondered how to get to the airport at odd hours? Our chauffeurs are on standby 24/7 and available for pick-up and drop-off at the designated destination. Baldwin Taxi and Car Service will take care of your transportation; you don’t have to be worried or stranded.

Freeport to JFK Airport Taxi Service 

The distance from Freeport to JFK airport is about 16.6km which is approximately a 25 minutes drive. Baldwin Taxi and Car Service have the most competitive rates from Freeport to JFK and vice versa.

Our chauffeur will guarantee arrival on time to avoid missing your flight if you are catching a flight. They know the routes that other cab drivers wouldn’t know.

JFK is an international airport that is very busy because it’s a travel route for many flights. Our chauffeur will help you get through the airport easily and even carry your luggage. 

You don’t have to worry about waiting for online cabs to get you. Our vehicles arrive 40 minutes before the scheduled arrival time. Our work is to give you a warm welcome as we usher you to the vehicle. 

Our Black Chrysler 300 and Black Cadillac Sedan are ideal if you are traveling for corporate occasions. The cars are so comfortable; you can even relax and make important work calls on your way. 

Want to create a first impression of your business? Allow our luxurious cars to do what they do best. We will receive your business associates with honor and respect as they enjoy the smooth ride to and from the airport. We guarantee flawless taxi service from Freeport to JFK airport.

Freeport Taxi Service to nearby airports

Baldwin Taxi and Car Service are not limited to JFK airport, although it is the nearest airport to Freeport. We can also take you to other airports whenever you want. Other nearby airports we operate to are;

LaGuardia Airport

Long Island MacArthur Airport

Westchester County Airport

Why choose Freeport Taxi Service to JFK Airport


  1. You get to enjoy a safe, luxurious ride to the airport. There is no better way to feel safe and secure when using any taxi service than Baldwin Taxi and Car Service.
  2. We assure timely arrival at the airport. Our chauffeur has to get you to the airport on time. It ensures you have time to check-in and relax as you wait to board your plane.
  3. There is no need to worry about traffic or parking. At Baldwin Taxi and Car Service, we take care of all that. All you have to do is relax and let us handle everything.
  4. We offer door-to-door services, meaning we can pick you up from home or the hotel at the agreed time. You don’t have to stress finding us; we will find you.
  5. Baldwin Taxi and Car Service give comfortable taxi services wherever you are going. Our cars are fitted with comfortable leather seats which are reclined to help you relax as you listen to music from our quality sound system

Baldwin Taxi and Car Service never disappoint on any occasion. We religiously follow the agreed schedule to avoid delays. Call us (516) 713-7879 or send an email to for all your Freeport taxi service needs.